Kona Gold Tanning Oil


Proper use of Kona Gold is the first step.  You shouldn't overexpose yourself,  you should take breaks within an hour of tanning to determine how much sun you are getting and you definitely need to use aloe every night.

By the way,  a tan is still your best defense against ultra violet exposure, and the sun is our best source of Vitamin D, so there's no reason to stay out of the sun.  Just enjoy it responsibly.

Our Kona coffee infused formula will give you the deepest darkest, natural tan you have ever had, while leaving your skin hydrated, smooth & soft.

Kona Gold has a huge following and our customers are very vocal about their love for the product.

For a quarter century, barney’s beach service has worked, lived and played on the beaches of Florida, which is where seeking a suntan originated.

Several years ago, we made a commitment to develop our own line of suntan oils.  The goal was simple...make the best, most natural products possible utilizing the rich resources of mother nature and bring them all together to create the best suntan oil ever.

We came up with formulas for tanning that contained Kona coffee and green tea... products not associated with tanning!  We worked for years on the recipes and finally have them perfected.  So enjoy the darker side of tanning!!!



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